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Funded Projects


D2I Research Project, 2020 call: 

  • Andrew Holtz (PhD Fellow) – Hervé Bourhy (IP) & Anna Zhukova (IP)
  • Maria Lopopolo (PhD Fellow) – Nicolas Rascovan (IP) & Lluis Quintana-Murci (IP)
  • Cantin Ortiz (PhD Fellow) Christoph Schmidt-Hieber (IP) & Uwe Maskos (IP)
  • Viktoriia Gruss (PhD Fellow) Grégory Batt (IP) & Imane El-Meouche (IAME, INSERM/APHP)

P2I Research Project, 2020 call: 

  • Integrative genetics and brain research on autism/ neurodevelopmental disorders in france. Thomas Bourgeron (IP), Richard Delorme (AP-HP) and Jean-François Deleuze (CEA).
  • Pluridisciplinary characterization of double-strand break repair at single-cell level. Guy-Franck Richard (IP) & Charles Baroud (IP).
  • Artificial intelligence for antibiotic drugs (AI4AB). Ivo Gomperts Boneca (IP) Nathalie Aulner (IP), Spencer Shorte (IP), Soojin Jang (IP Korea) and Christophe Zimmer (IP)



D2I Research Project, 2019 call : 

  • Vincent Mallet (PhD Fellow) – Michael Nilges (IP) & Jean-Philippe Vert (MINES ParisTech)
  • Armin Shoushtarizadeh (PhD Fellow) – Thomas Gregor (IP) & Pablo Navarro-Gil (IP)
  • Chiara Figazzolo (PhD Fellow) – Marcel Hollenstein (IP) & Paola Arimondo (IP)
  • Mariana Gonzalez (PhD Fellow) – Arnaud Blondel (IP) & Pierre-Jean Corringer (IP)

P2I Research Project, 2019 call : 

  • Identifying Tunneling Nanotube-like Structures in the Developing Cerebellum. Chiara Zurzolo (IP)  &  Jean-Baptiste Masson (IP).
  • Path2Resistance: Deciphering evolutionary trajectories to characterize emergence and dissemination of multidrug resistant Escherichia coli. Eduardo Rocha (IP), Philippe Glaser (IP), Amaury Lambert (CIRB, Collège de France), and Guillaume Achaz (CIRB, Collège de France).
  • Computational analysis of 3D cell architecture : application in quantifying myocardium orientation at the cellular and tissue levels. Sigolène Meilhac (IP/Institut Imagine) & Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin (IP) (proof of concept project)
  • Aptamer-labeling as a strategy to determine the structure of macromolecular assemblies. Marcel Hollenstein (IP), Ricardo Pellarin (IP), Eric Durand (Inserm) ((proof of concept project).

P2I Research Project, call 2018 : Machine learning to get at the heart of diagnostic cardiology Sigolène Meilhac, G5 (IP/Imagine), Timothy Wai, G5 (IP), Christophe Zimmer Unit (IP), Francesca Raimondi (APHP/INSERM). P2I Research Project, call 2018 : HOST AND BACTERIAL FACTORS INVOLVED IN INVASIVE LISTERIOSIS Marc Lecuit Unit (IP/INSERM), Lluis Quintana Unit (IP/CNRS), Hugues Aschard, G5 (IP). G5 Research Project, call 2018 : Sequence Bioinformatics Rayan Chikhi.


D2I Research Project, call 2018 : Marie Morel (PhD Fellow) – Olivier Gascuel Unit, Etienne Simon Loriere G5 (IP). D2I Research Project, call 2018 : Robin Chalumeau (PhD Fellow) – Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin Unit, Jost Eninnga Unit (IP).


G5 Research Project, call 2017 : Evolutionary genomics of RNA viruses Etienne Simon-Loriere. D2I Research Project, call 2017 : Jérémy CHOIN (PhD Fellow) – Lluis Quintana Unit, Antoine Gessain Unit (IP). D2I Research Project, call 2017 : Jonathan Bastard (PhD fellow) – Lulla Opatowski (Didier Guillemot Unit, IP), Laura Temime (Cnam). P2I Research Project, call 2017 : Understanding whooping cough resurgence in Europe by combining genomic, epidemiological and sociological approaches Sylvain Brisse, Simon Cauchemez. P2I Research Project, call 2017 : Microbial and viral circulations among people and wild and domesticated animals in an ecotone, Democratic Republic of Congo (MICROTONE) IP: Tamara Giles-Vernick, Sean Kennedy, Etienne Simon-Lorière, Victor Narat, Romain Duda (postdoc fellow) Université Paris-Diderot : Guillaume Lachenal.


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