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Virus and Immunity



Our work mainly focuses on cellular and molecular aspects

of HIV replication,

and on the interplay between viruses and the host

The HIV/AIDS epidemic represents more than ever a public health threat worldwide. About 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS as of the end of 2014, most of them originating from emerging countries. Our work focuses on cellular and molecular aspects of HIV-1 replication, and on the mechanisms of recognition of HIV-infected cells by the immune system. Three close and complementary axes of research characterize our scientific activities.

  • the impact of HIV-1 infection on the biology of T cells
  • the mechanisms of cell-to-cell viral spread
  • the interplay between viruses and the immune system.

We are also investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the replication of Chikungunya virus.


An artistic view of cells and viruses drawings by Fabrice HYBER


When scientists meet artists:  http://www.organoide-pasteur.fr


Virus and Immunity Unit

(October 2014)

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Phone: +33 1 45 68 83 53
Email: olivier.schwartz@pasteur.fr


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