Rationale and Objectives of Revive Consortium

Major advancements in stem cell biology have paved the way for concerted research activities on the fundamental biology of stem cells and their applications in the clinic. The medical potential of stem cells will require the development of, and reinforcement of, studies ranging from those in vivo using a variety of model organisms, to cell-based therapies in the clinic. The principal objective of Revive is to unite academic and industrial Partners to consolidate and facilitate research on stem cells in the context of fundamental biology, disease, regenerative medicine and ageing. LabEx: Fundamental and Applied Research on Stem Cells

Public health impact of Revive

One central issue in regenerative medicine and the therapeutic uses of stem cells concerns the proper characterisation of stem cells in different tissues and organisms. Research activities based on identifying and maintaining robust stem cell activity are ongoing in the Revive consortium. Research activities are also centered on cellular reprogramming and the generation of induced pluripotent cells from patient derived material to address the underlying causes of a variety of diseases. These and other efforts aim to ensure the proper use and application of stem cells in the context of human health.

The LabEx Revive has 28 partners  from different academic institutions, including Inserm, INRAE, ENVA, CNRS and UPEC

LabEx Coordinators

Shahragim Tajbakhsh (Institut Pasteur) and François Schweisguth (Institut Pasteur – CNRS)

Steering Committee

Alice Jouneau (INRAE), Cécile Martinat (INSERM), Philippe Menasché (INSERM), Raphaël Scharfmann (INSERM), Fréderic Relaix (INSERM/UPEC), Laure Bally-Cuif (Institut Pasteur), Pablo Navarro-Gil (Institut Pasteur)  François Schweisguth (Institut Pasteur- CNRS), Shahragim Tajbakhsh (Institut Pasteur)

Scientific Advisory Board

Cédric Blanpain (Medical School, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Michele de Luca (Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Modena, Italy), Austin Smith (Director of the Living Systems Institute at the University of Exeter, UK)

Consortium partners

The Revive consortium unites fundamental and applied stem cell researchers with selected Partners from the biotechnology sector. This consortium is structured around a dedicated research programme on stem cells, disease, regenerative medicine and ageing. It is composed of 6 academic Partners (Institut Pasteur, INSERM, CNRS, INREA, ENVA, UPEC) representing 28 scientific and medical (Institut Cochin, Européen G. Pompidou, Henri Mondor and Pitié-Salpétrière Hospitals) research teams developing close interactions with selected biotech companies, including 18 Institut Pasteur teams and 10 external teams The Consortium aims to foster technology transfer, training and ethical advances in stem cell science. The Revive Consortium acts in parallel to create an internal and privileged dynamic proper to the Consortium, whilst also creating informal or where appropriate formal links with other European and international Stem Cell Consortia.

What we do?

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LabEx Revive Funding

« Programme Investissements d’avenir » (PIA)

The consortium Revive is a selected project of the ANR “Laboratoire d’Excellence” programme with research activities on stem cells in regenerative biology and medicine. The Labex Revive programme and funding has been extended until 2024. Programme I from 2011-2022 and programme II from 2020-2024 Our aim is to advance fundamental and applied research on stem cell biology


Principal Investigators