The Center for Technological Resources and Research (C2RT) is one of the three components of the Technology and Scientific Programs Department. C2RT gathers the Technology and Service units (UTechS) and the Technology Platforms (core facilities) of the campus, which are described below.

C2RT also has a technology laboratory (TechLab) located on the first floor of the François Jacob building. The TechLab allows to host projects of technological research and to test new service activities. The TechLab works on a project basis and is accessible to Institut Pasteur teams, possibly in collaboration with external academic or industrial teams.

The Center for Technological Resources and Research is under the scientific responsibility of Christophe d’Enfert and the administrative and operational responsibility of Anna Kehres.

Contact: c2rt@pasteur.fr

A brief summary of C2RT entities:

UTechS Photonic Bioimaging
Head: Spencer Shorte, Interim manager and head of the photonic bio-imaging technology platform: Nathalie Aulner
UTechS PBI provides expertise and support in optical imaging by supplying the users with a diverse range of equipment (confocal microscopy, super-resolution microscopy, high-throughput and high-content imaging, small animal imaging…). The development activities focus on the study of host-pathogen interactions and high-content imaging.

UTechS  Ultrastructural Bioimaging
Head: Jacomina Krijnse-Locker
UTechS UBI provides expertise and support in electronic imaging, with a set of sample preparation techniques and sample visualization in transmission or scanning electron microscopy. The expertise of the UTechS particularly lies in the imaging of pathogens and host-pathogen interactions.

Image Analysis Hub
Head: Jean-Yves Tinevez
The Image analysis Hub provides an expertise in the use of commercial or Institut Pasteur-developed softwares for the analysis of images produced by using the equipment available in the UTechS PBI and UBI as well as in the research units.

UTechS Mass Spectrometry for Biology
Head: Julia Chamot-Rooke, Head of the Proteomic core facility: Mariette Matondo
UTechS MSBio offers research and service activities in the field of biological mass spectrometry and proteomics. The service activities cover a range of approaches ranging from the identification of isolated proteins to the analysis of proteomes.

UTechS Cytometry and Biomarkers
Head: Milena Hasan, Head of the  Cytometry core facility: Sophie Novault
UTechS Cytometry and Biomarkers has a wide range of equipment to achieve cellular sorting, cell phenotyping, and single cell profiling and sequencing.
UTechS cytometry and biomarkers is also attached to the Center for Translational Research

Biomics Pole
Head: Marc Monot
The Biomics pole conducts nucleic acid sequencing projects (genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, metagenomes and metatranscriptomes) using next-generation sequencers (Illumina, PacBio, Miniion). It also has a specific equipment for the genotyping of eukaryotic genomes (man, mouse).

Antibody Engineering Core Facility
Head : Pierre Lafaye
The Antibody Engineering core facility is specialized in the identification and production of homodimeric antibodies of camelids (VHH).

Production and Purification of Recombinant Proteins Core Facility
Head : Stéphane Pêtres
The Production and Purification of Recombinant Proteins core facility offers services in the field of the production and purification of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic systems (mammal or insect) or prokaryotes (bacteria or yeast).

Molecular Biophysics Core Facility
Head: Patrick England.
The Molecular Biophysics core facility offers a set of equipment and technical and methodological expertise for the molecular-scale characterization of biological macromolecules. 

Crystallography Core Facility
Head: Ahmed Haouz
The crystallography core facility offers the expertise and the technological environment enabling robotic crystal growth, X-ray diffraction and the analysis of the resulting data.

NMR in biology Core Facility
Head: Inaki Guijarro
The NMR in biology core facility has several NMR spectrometers for the study of Biological macromolecules, their dynamics and atomic-scale interactions. The core facility also offers an expertise in HDX mass spectrometry.

Chemogenomic and Biological Screening Core Facility
Head: Fabrice Agou
The Chemogenomic and Biological Screening core facility supports the  scientists from the development of targeted or phenotypic screens, to the automation and miniaturization of these screens and the identification of molecules or genetic modulators of interest.

Biomaterials and Microfluidics Core Facility
Head: Samy Gobaa
The Biomaterials and Microfluidics core facility  provides the necessary equipment and expertise in the fields of micro-manufacturing, photo-and soft-lithography, multi-parameter cell screening and automated live cell imaging. It also provides expertise in 3D cell culture and organ-on-chip.