The Center for translational science is one of the 4 transversal centers that was inaugurated in September 2014. The ultimate goal of the center is to facilitate the creation of biomedical projects between the members of the Institut Pasteur International Network and hospitals.

  • Support fundamental and clinical research that will accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs into improved human health
  • Provide access and training on state-of-the-art technical cores
  • Support clinical trial development in a regulatory environment secure for both researchers and Institution
  • Inspire and coordinate new translational research projects through expert project management and coordinated activities with academic hospitals and industrial partners
The center consists of :


The Center facilitates partnerships with hospitals and with the Medical Center of the Institut Pasteur and improves access to patient samples for scientific community. It supports scientists for translational research fundraising actions and provides greater exposure of Institutional translational research activities. The center helps to overcome burdensome regulatory procedures associated with translational and clinical research. Over the next years, the Center aims to develop an academic interdisciplinary program in Translational research.

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Scientific Animation

The center also animates the scientific community with the organization of a transdepartemental seminar series and new types of conferences ( Quart d’heure Pasteur Médecine, Quart d’heure Pasteur Sciences, O5 collective science party) aimed at bringing scientists and clinicians together in order to address high priority medical problems.

Attracting MD-PhD

The center has developped various incentive measures to attract MD-PhD in the Institut Pasteur International Network like funding of medical M2 students, funding of contrat d’interface & poste d’accueil, mixed units with hospital departement, affiliated hospitals.

Developping clinical research in the International Network

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Increase (International Network Clinical ResEArch Sustainable InitiativEs)

The Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN) gather 33 institutes in 25 countries over the 5 continents. The IPIN has a major role in public health, research, teaching as well as in epidemic surveillance. The goal of INCREASE is to facilitate clinical research in the Institut Pasteur International Network. This intiative is driven by IP Cambodia, IP Cameroon, IP French Guyana, IP Ivory Coast, IP Madagascar, IP Senegal, IP Paris, IP Tunisia and will be extended to the whole network in the future.

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Outreach activities

The center also develops outreach activities for the patients communities and the general public. This year we are creating a comics on vaccination. Pasteur researchers are contributing to the writing of disease fact sheets.

Responsible Research & Innovation

The Center for Translational Science is leading the reflexion on the integration of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in our institution. Responsible Research and Innovation is defined by the european commission as public engagement, gender equality, open science, science education and ethics. Our activity mainly focuse on the engagement of patient in research.