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Mosquitoes were orally infected with the chikungunya virus. Midguts were dissected at day 5 post-infection, fixed and permeabilised. Virus is shown in red (anti-E2 protein, cyanine 3), the actin network in green (phalloidin 548) and nuclei in blue (DAPI).

Chemistry of Biomolecules


Members of the Unit “Chemistry of Biomolecules” contribute to multidisciplinary programs aimed at

  1. Validating biological targets of medical interest,
  2. Developing novel strategies towards chemically designed therapeutics, markers, diagnostic tools and vaccines,
  3. Investigating the role that some proteins, polysaccharides, and glycoconjugates play in disease progression and microbial pathogenesis in humans.

Major focus is on the development of efficient synthetic routes to novel oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, lipopeptides, peptides, and protein conjugates thereof. Two synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccine candidates developed in the unit are on their way to a phase one clinical trial. One of the two GMP batches has been obtained.





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Unité de Chimie des Biomolécules

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