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Immunobiology of Infection


Modulation of host immune responses and metabolism by mycobacteria

The mycobacteria causing Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Buruli ulcer are major causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Our group has specialized in the study of lipids uniquely produced by these pathogens, which promote the establishment of chronic infections in humans by perturbing cellular immunity and metabolism. Our research projects aim at elucidating the molecular basis of their activity, through the study of mycolactone from Mycobacterium ulcerans, and phenolic glycolipids produced by Leprosy bacilli and hyper-virulent strains of Tubercle bacilli.

In addition to improving our understanding of mycobacterial pathogenicity and immunometabolism, this work opens several translational perspectives. We develop tools to better diagnoze and treat Buruli ulcer disease. We also examine the exciting hypothesis that mycolactone analogues could afford therapeutic benefit in the treatment of inflammatory disorders.




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