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Cyanobactérie souche "PCC 9401". Souche de la "Pasteur Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria" conservée à l'état axénique dans l'Unité des Cyanobactéries. La PCC est l'une des Collections spécialisées de l'Institut Pasteur.

Collection of Cyanobacteria



Our research focuses on the evolution of the Cyanobacteria and their impressive diversity in terms of morphologies, ecologies, physiologies and natural products…. These features allow Cyanobacteria to colonize the Earth.

Cyanobacteria are oxygenic photosynthetic prokaryotes that contribute largely to the balance between CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere. Adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions, they colonize most ecosystems. In continental and marine water bodies, the abundance of bloom-forming representatives disrupts the equilibrium of these environments and the potentially associated cyanotoxins may be harmful to animals and Man.

Since July 2009, the Collection of Cyanobacteria houses the Pasteur Culture collection of Cyanobacteria (access to PCC webpage) and continues its different service activities. This biological resource is used for our own research programs focused on the Evolution of cyanobacteria and the genetic of the natural products of these microorganisms.

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