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Imaging and Modeling


To fully understand living systems we need (i) experimental techniques to describe them as accurately and comprehensively as possible, and (ii) computational models able to predict their evolution from a given state and in response to external signals. The Imaging and Modeling Unit of Institut Pasteur, develops computational and experimental approaches to characterize and quantitatively predict selected cellular processes. Our current projects concentrate on : (i) investigating the dynamic spatial architecture of the genome and its functional consequences, and (ii) developing high resolution or high throughput imaging techniques, and applying them to study genome architecture and the cell biology of pathogens, especially HIV. Our lab mobilizes a spectrum of expertise including biophysics, microscopy, informatics and cell biology, and works in close collaboration with several experimental groups, many of them at Institut Pasteur.


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Email: czimmer@pasteur.fr

Imaging and Modeling Unit
Institut Pasteur
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