The Advanced Light Microscopy initiative (ALM) is federating the community of optics developers of the Institut Pasteur (Paris). The group of optics developers is composed of scientists who are involved in cutting-edge microscopy developments, from the customisation of instruments to the state-of-the-art, to the full design, construction, validation and dissemination of novel instruments and methods of microscopy. The first goal of the ALM initiative is to stimulate constructive interactions in the field of optics between the developers who are scattered in different research units and facilities across the institute. The second goal of the ALM initiative is to promote the expertise of the group of developers on campus to address other units’ microscopy or imaging needs through three main missions:

  • Dissemination of the latest cutting-edge light microscopy techniques on site
  • Education in the field of advanced light microscopy (microscopy course, seminars & conferences, training)
  • Development of novel instruments and methods of microscopy tailored to the needs of targeted biological projects

Scientists enthusiastic about joining the initiative should bring their interest and their expertise to the attention of the group.

Journal Club and Seminars

The Optics Developers meet once a month for journal club sessions or project related presentations to share their expertise, experience and gather advice from the group. Journal Club sessions and seminars are open to everyone and notifications can be sent based upon registration at: ALM @ pasteur.fr