General concept

The Major Federating Program (Grand Programme Fédérateur, GPF) Vaccinology is one of three large-scale horizontal GPFs implemented by Institut Pasteur. The GPFs aim to unite forces at Institut Pasteur and in the Institut Pasteur International Network to create synergies between different disciplines and stimulate new, innovative, highly competitive research on topics with high social impact. Around this strategy, the GPFs also organize workshops and international symposia on the relevant topics and contribute to recruitment strategies in the targeted fields.

Vaccinology has a strong tradition at Institut Pasteur and is a strategic topic for the institute as vaccines play a crucial role in global health. To address challenges in infectious diseases that are still a major cause of death as well as in chronic diseases and cancer, the GPF Vaccinology is anchored in Institut Pasteur’s core mission to carry out fundamental cutting-edge research with the aim to improve public health throughout the world in combination with the development of industrial partnerships to bring the results of the research to the people in need.


The GPF Vaccinology aims to accelerate innovation in vaccine research to address major challenges and scientific gaps in this field of high importance.

To achieve this goal, the GPF Vaccinology brings together outstanding scientists and research centers with diverse expertise from the global network of Institut Pasteur and external institutions to stimulate novel interdisciplinary approaches. Under an open call for innovative ideas (Call 1), new hypotheses are being explored and tested for their potential to open new avenues in vaccine research and impact on strategies for vaccine design. A second call targeting further advanced projects (Call 2) aims to accelerate the preclinical development of existing candidates to clinical trials.

The GPF’s objective is to help the projects by financial support or by non-financial means to a point where they can attract industrial partnerships or funding from public or private funders to support their further development.



Head of Vaccine Programs – Christiane Gerke (DDGO/SPPI)

Executive committee

Christiane Gerke
Claude Leclerc
Armelle Phalipon
Frédéric Tangy

Steering committee

Brigitte Autran (Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital)
Marc Daëron (Inserm)
Nathalie Garçon (BioAster)
Christiane Gerke (IP)
Marie-Lise Gougeon (IP)
Odile Launay (CIC Vaccinology Cochin Pasteur)
Claude Leclerc (IP)
Pierre Legrain (IP)
Odile Leroy (European Vaccine Initiative)
Armelle Phalipon (IP)
Stanley Plotkin (Emeritus Professor University of Pennsylvania)
Rino Rappuoli (GSK)
Philippe Sansonetti (IP)
Frédéric Tangy (IP, CNRS)


Featured Projects