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Morphogénèse et Croissance Microbienne


Sven Van Teeffelen



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Lab News


April 2016 – Akshay and Gizem will join the lab as PhD students starting in the fall 2016. Welcome! 

March 2016 – Eva receives a “PRESTIGE” postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations! 

March 2016 – Hélène and Irida join as a M2 students. Hélène  works on protein-protein interactions using correlation spectroscopy. Irida will use biochemistry and genetics to study the cell-wall expansion machinery. Welcome! 

February 2016 – Louis and Thomas from the interdisciplinary AIV master program join the lab for their master thesis projects. Welcome! 

October 19 2015 – Sven receives an Emergences grant from the City of Paris. 

October 12 2015 – After an excursion to the iGEM competition Antoine returns for his PhD under joint supervision in the Synthetic biology lab and in our lab. Welcome back!

October 9 2015 – Sven receives ERC starting grant

October 1 2015 – Together with Paolo Pierobon, Jeanette Nguyen, and Chiara Fracassi, Sven teaches a course on the Dynamics of Living Systems within the Master program of the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire

Lab pictures



Sven van Teeffelen
email: sven_at_pasteur_dot_fr
phone : +33 (0)1 45 68 80 16

Florence Dumonteil (assistante)
phone : +33 (0)1 45 68 87 99

Institut Pasteur
Laboratory of Microbial Morphogenesis and Growth
Bâtiment 26 François Jacob (2e étage)
28, rue du Docteur Roux
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