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La protéine EVER 2 (en rouge) est une protéine membranaire localisée dans la membrane du noyau et le cytoplasme au niveau du réticulum endoplasmique. Elle est absente de la membrane cytoplasmique (en vert).
Laboratory Junior Group (G5)

Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport


Membrane proteins are responsible for the exchange of information and matter across biological membranes. They account for ~30% of all open reading frames of genomes across the three kingdoms of life and are essential to the survival of any cell.  They are key players in processes like transport, cell signaling, cell-to-cell contacts and cellular responses to environmental changes. In humans, membrane proteins are involved in many pathological processes, and are important drug and therapeutic targets.

image004.pngOur goal is to understand in molecular terms the function and pharmacology of integral membrane transport proteins relevant to human health. To this aim, we obtain and integrate structural, energetic and dynamic knowledge on the transport proteins using both high-resolution structural and functional approaches.





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