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Humoral Response to Pathogens


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Our research group aims to study the molecular basis of antibody B-cell responses to viruses such as HIV-1, and how anti-viral  antibodies may participate in controlling the infection in humans.

In addition to “natural antibodies” that act as the first line of defense against invading pathogens, “humoral memory” is composed of high affinity antibodies that mediate long-lived immunity against infectious agents, e.g., by providing protection against re-infection. The molecular dissection of anti-pathogen B-cell responses using modern technologies to generate specific monoclonal antibodies has allowed breakthrough discoveries in antiviral responses to viruses such as Influenza virus and HIV-1. These recombinant antibodies represent unique “fingerprints” for each B-cell clone and when characterized on a molecular level, provide crucial information about the antigen-specific humoral response to a given pathogen. 


 In addition to the antibodies’ potential therapeutic interest, their characterization can lead to a better understanding of human antibody responses to pathogens, and may uncover candidate immunogens for vaccine development. 


The HRP team




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Phone: +33(0)1 40 61 36 12Sans titre
Email: hugo.mouquet@pasteur.fr

25-28 Rue du Docteur Roux
75015, Paris