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Cyanobactérie "PCC 9403". Souche de la "Pasteur Culture Collection of Cyanobacteria" conservée à l'état axénique dans l'Unité des Cyanobactéries. La PCC est l'une des Collections spécialisées de l'Institut Pasteur.

Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur (CRBIP)


The CRBIP holds collections of biological materials and the information associated with them. A number of controls are performed to ensure the compliance of the biological material with the properties described by the applicant. This information is grouped in a database (BRC LIMS software) and in a web catalog covering each collection. 

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The CRBIP facilitates the access of these biological resources to clients, researchers and ensures that they remain available in the future for a sustainable use.

• The CRBIP distributes its biological resources in France and abroad following safety standards for health and the environment in compliance with regulations and laws, and ensuring maximum traceability.
• In addition, it is enriched permanently integrating new collections and diversifying existing collections.

The CRBIP includes the following collections:

CIP, Collection of the Institut Pasteur (bacteria and viruses);
PCC, Cyanobacteria Collection;
ICAReB, Investigational Clinical service and Access to Research Bio-resources

•  CRBIP is also involved in a quality approach focused on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. CIP was first certified in 1998 (ISO 9002), and its certification was extended to other collections when creating the CRBIP (ISO 9001 and then NF S96-900).

Since 2009, it is the specific reference to biological resources centers (BRCs) for the French standard NF S96-900.

The management quality system of the CRBIP covers activities such as acquisition, production, control, preservation and biological resources distribution of bacteria, viruses, cyanobacteria and human biological samples.

• The CRBIP is for the scientific community and opened to innovation, being involved in:

– BIOBANQUES project since 2010 www.biobanques.eu
– MIRRI steering committee since 2009 www.mirri.org
– Development of the ISO standard for BRCs with AFNOR.
– Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol www.cbd.int/abs/doc/protocol/nagoya-protocol-en.pdf
– Coordination in the development of the BRC management software: BRC-LIMS
– Creation of the one-stop-shop of BIOASTER.

Collection of Institut Pasteur Collection (CIP)

The Collection of the Institut Pasteur (CIP) was founded by Dr Binot that began to preserve strains since 1892. The freeze-drying began in the 1950s in the CIP. For over a century, the CIP can be found on the campus of the Institut Pasteur.

The mission of the Collection of the Institut Pasteur is to maintain and enrich the collection of bacteria, firstly through collaborations with scientists from the Institut Pasteur and others scientists by the deposit of strains from French and foreign researchers. The CIP disseminates information about distributed strains (properties, preservation, identification). It also develops a research activity on identification, taxonomy, and strain preservation, between others.

The CIP has been certified since 1998 according to ISO 9002 and according to the ISO 9001 during the creation of the CRBIP. The CIP has also been accredited according to ISO 17025. It is now certified by the French standard NF S96-900 in acquisition, production, control, biological resources preservation and distribution.

The CIP resources are accessible via:

  • GBIF                    
  • Strain info         
  • FBRCMi              
  • CRBIP                 

The CIP includes:

  • Strains deposited by French and foreign scientists
  • Historical strains and patrimonial collections
  • Strains from research laboratories of Institut Pasteur


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Phone: +33 (0)145688775 / +33 (0)144389195
Email: crbip@pasteur.fr

25-28 Rue du Docteur Roux
75015, Paris