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Virus VIH-1 (HIV-1), responsable du sida. Première étape de pénétration dans la cellule. Le virus s'approche du lymphocyte T4 et arrive à proximité de son point d'ancrage le récepteur CD4 qui reconnaît spécifiquement la protéine d'enveloppe virale gp120. On voit nettement le manteau de clathrine qui participe au processus d'endocytose (Grossissement X 190000). Image colorisée.

Antiviral Immunity, Biotherapy And Vaccines


One of our objectives is to understand the interplay between innate and adaptive immunity in chronic viral infections, in order to identify mechanisms responsible for the lack of immune control of persistent viruses, such as HIV or HPV. In particular, we dissect the modalities of the cross-talk between some innate effectors, i.e. dendritic cells (DCs) and natural killer (NK) cells, and their impact on adaptive immunity. Moreover, we have been involved in the search for new pathways of HIV entry and we contributed to show the implication of purinergic receptors in the process of fusion mediated by HIV-1-envelope. Finally, we have set up an Immunomonitoring Platform evaluating, in phase I and II vaccine trials, the immunogenicity of new vaccine candidates specific for influenza, malaria, shigellosis, anthrax or cancer.

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