300 to 400 million cases of dengue fever occur each year worldwide. Spreading rapidly, more than 40% of the world’s population is now at risk of contracting dengue

This transversal program brings together talents and skills of IP researchers working on different aspects of dengue, with the aim of jointly developing – in a short time frame – a number of innovative tools to control dengue disease. Such tools comprise:

1) a new vaccine candidate based on recently identified protective antigens and to be developed up to phase 2 trial.
2) novel diagnostic test for point of diagnostic, affordable and accurate, do not require sophisticated machine or special laboratory skill. In addition, we will develop a serological test which could detect dengue serotype specific antibodies and differentiate dengue from other viruses in the same family.
3) a set of early prognostic markers of disease severity based on field observations
4) evaluations of new vector control strategies including targeting dengue transmission during the low transmission season. Given the complexity of dengue epidemic dynamics, mathematical modelling will be required to guide strategic decision making about these interventions.

This ambitious project is made possible by the collaboration of several teams in IP Paris, in the international IP network, and in several external institutions that have pledged to devote time and effort on this program. Defeat Dengue has been divided in two parts: basic science and vaccine development.

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