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Bacterial Infections and antibiotic Resistant Diseases among Young children in low-Income countries: an international cohort study

Currently, antibiotic resistance surveillance networks and epidemiologic research focus mainly on industrialized countries. However, developing these activities in low-income countries, which represent one of the principal environments for development and dissemination, is essential to contain the worrying spread of resistance.

The main objective of the BIRDY project is to assess the incidence as well as the medical and economic consequences of severe childhood and neonatal infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. The investigation will include both healthcare associated, as well as community acquired infections.

In order to realize this project, an international paediatric cohort will be created and monitored within the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN). This internationally renowned network offers a large geographical and international presence, significant field expertise, as well as well-established partnerships at the local level.

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