An international reference center for processing, analyzing and modeling biological data.

We live at a time when biology is producing vast reams of data; mathematical modeling, statistics and computing are increasingly vital to help us understand them. The Center of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Integrative Biology (C3BI), set up in March 2015, is a multidisciplinary, transversal structure for large-scale data processing at the Institut Pasteur.

The C3BI facilitates cooperation and dialogue on bioinformatics issues at the Institut Pasteur. It develops methodological research in computer science and statistics, offers support to experimental research units and works in conjunction with the Institut Pasteur International Network. The C3BI is also responsible for developing bioinformatics activities and training in this field within the International Network.

A research expertise

The C3BI is composed of teams of scientists who work closely with the Institut Pasteur’s departments on a variety of different topics:

In addition, the C3BI is coordinating a highly ambitious research project: INCEPTION, which stands for INstitut Convergence: Emergence of Pathology Through Individuals and PopulatiONs. This project, selected for funding in 2016 by the ANR, aims to improve understanding and monitoring of the emergence of diseases in populations (epidemic control, etc.) and individuals (precision medicine, etc.). In the INCEPTION framework, the C3BI applies new bioinformatics and biostatistics methods to help scientists understand and make use of the profusion of biological data generated by experimental biology, public health, and clinical research.

A bioinformatics platform, the Hub

“I need you to analyze the data that we’ve collected.” The C3BI responds to requests like this from research and platform teams at the Institut Pasteur and from its International Network. It analyzes data via its bioinformatics platform, the Hub, which meets wide-ranging needs in this field. The recruitment of more than forty scientists and engineers from 2014 to 2018 has enabled the C3BI to build a strong capacity in a wide range of expertise at the cutting-edge of science and technology. This unique capacity allows the Hub to provide customized large-scale data analysis assistance to the Institut Pasteur’s researchers community. In 2018, a new building with space for 120 people has brought all the C3BI teams together under the same roof on the Paris campus.

The Institut Pasteur’s bioinformatics platform, the Hub, is a reference center and a member of the ELIXIR European network and the French Institute of Bioinformatics.

Training opportunities

The C3BI offers multiple training opportunities for biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians and other professionals, either as part of PhD training programs or for on-the-job advanced training programs. For example, courses on high-throughput sequencing data analysis have been held at institutes in the Institut Pasteur International Network (in Montevideo, Dakar and São Paulo) and on the Paris campus.

The organisation chart of the C3BI 


Find out more about the Center of Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Integrative Biology (C3BI) https://c3bi.pasteur.fr